Cheap Patent

Cheap Patent This term is rather elusive as there is no such thing as a cheap patent. As with most things in life filing and

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April 15th

April 15th April 15th, also known affectionately as, Tax Day has come and gone for another year. I hope the numbers were kind to you.

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The Dreaded Office Action

The Dreaded Office Action The Patent Office is an administrative court, and as such it adjudicates like one.  Most United States’ courts operate under an

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Design Patents Are Valuable

Design Patents Are Valuable It seems that your Invention Guru must be obsessed with Apple and their on-going patent litigation in venues around the world.

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Patent Prosecution

Patent Prosecution This term can be a little misleading. For many patent attorneys and their clients, patent prosecution involves a process which can be time

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Patent Expiration

Patent Expiration Do patents have a shelf life? Just like yogurt or dip that expires, patents can also expire. Though they may last a little

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