In today’s fast-paced and increasingly smaller world, more companies are finding the need to license innovative products, manufacturing know-how, trade secrets, patents and other types of intellectual property. These functions are critical to shortening Research & Development time to market, outsourcing, production, distribution, manufacturing and venture capital financing. New products are the life-blood of the American economy and world economies.

Cramer Patent & Design specializes in assisting our “small-entity” clients’ intellectual property rights with their commercialization objectives. Through CP&D’s careful coordination with the experienced resources available from our Montgomery IP Associates family of companies, our clients’ objectives can be addressed in an integrated process. Most of our clients want to commercialize their creative ideas in some manner. This involves negotiations, objective valuing of intellectual property, drafting licenses, contracts and agreements to achieve the most beneficial business terms.

Here are some examples of our services:

  • Patent Licensing Agreements
  • Trademark Licensing Agreements
  • Copyright Licensing Agreements
  • Trade Secret Proprietary Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Acquisition Agreements
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Production Agreements
  • Website and Internet Development Agreements
  • Independent Consultant Agreements
  • Employee Intellectual Property Agreements
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