Why You Need an Engineer to Help with Your Patent

For Sale By Inventor has the resources and experience you need to take your product from an idea to a product. We do this by employing talented, experienced patent engineers.

You Need a Patent Engineer on Your Team

A patent engineer is one of the most important people to work with if you plan to patent your invention. No matter what the industry is or how complex the product, hiring an engineer to be a part of the process is critically important to both protecting your product and streamlining the process. Many people don’t take this step, and find themselves faced with various hurdles and limitations. You don’t have to worry about that when you have an experienced, well versed professional by your side.

Our staff is led by a Registered Professional Engineer as well as several other degreed engineers. We assist with the mechanical, chemical, electrical, software, and design elements of your patent. Our on-site Chemist and a patent draftsman are also available to you.

The Patent Process Is Difficult: Our Patent Engineers Streamline the Process for You

Virtually every client will need technical help to complete their patent. We’ll work with you to ensure your product is cost-effectively produced, effective, and working. We’ll provide you with virtual prototyping services that are also vitally important.

It’s a part of our standard operating procedure to ensure every client receives a Statement of Feasibility, signed and certified by our Professional Engineer. This is done prior to you filing the patent or submitting the invention idea to market. Only a Registered Professional Engineer can legally provide this.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Our Team for Your Patent?

The process of obtaining a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office is complex. If it was not, you might not believe there could be protections in place on the products you are inventing. However, that complex process is lengthened and harder to work through if you do not have a patent engineer working by your side.

Take into a few considerations as to the benefits of hiring our patent engineer to help you through your process.

  • Work with a professional with technical experience in areas such as physics, mechanical, and electrical; ensuring not that your product works, but that it is structurally sound.
  • You’ll have an expert by your side that not only understands the workings of your product, but also can explain that information to ensure a patent is created in an effective and clear manner.
  • Allow a skilled and experienced engineer to handle the technical writing, reasoning, and even the logic behind your product to ensure this information is clearly displayed.
  • These professionals can oversea the entire process including the evaluation of the product to determine if it is truly a new invention or if it may not qualify to be patented under U.S. law.
  • Non-biased, informative reviews of the product and observations of it are provided, which could be questioned or concerns brought up later (but you can tackle them now.)
  • The engineer will also have incredible depth of knowledge within the sector that your product falls under to ensure that he or she can carefully help you to determine what your options are, and to help you to ensure it does not infringe on existing products or designs.
  • You Need an Engineered Invention

For Sale By Inventor will provide you with the technician to know what is necessary for you to secure the patent you desire. Work with our patent engineer to accomplish all of your goals.

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