Our Promise

Customer Service Promise

Inventors should be aware that bringing an invention from an idea to a marketed product takes time, costs money and should be considered a high risk venture.

For Sale By Inventor offers guidance but no one can guarantee success.

Customer Satisfaction Promise:

For Sale By Inventor strives for a satisfactory result for all of their clients. To hold true to this value, clients are encouraged to contact For Sale By Inventor directly with any concerns. We promise to work quickly and diligently to resolve any issue related to services performed to generate the Research Report.

If the issue cannot be resolved with corrective action, a refund commensurate with the services not tendered will be provided. All refund requests must be made within 30 days after you receive the Research Report. Beyond this time period, For Sale By Inventor will be happy to update the Research Report as necessary to satisfy reasonable issues or concerns.*

* Any public posts made on 3rd party websites will nullify this Customer Satisfaction Promise.  You are encouraged to contact us directly so we may ensure your satisfaction.

If an issue arises:

If you experience a problem or have a concern, call For Sale By Inventor toll free at 1-800-528-0627 during normal East Coast business hours and ask for customer service. You may also email us at: mail@forsalebyinventor.com. For Sale By Inventor will work to resolve the issue within 5 business days of the notice.

The resolution of the issue will consist of For Sale By Inventor providing the client with a corrected Research Report within the time contracted for or within the 5 business day resolution period, whichever occurs later. If a corrected Research Report is not provided within such a time frame, the client will be entitled to a full refund.

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