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For Sale by Inventor® (FSBI) is the online, virtual tradeshow to buy, sell & license emerging products from individual inventors and small start-ups. Inventions are available for either a licensing of rights to a company or for purchase by retail buyers and the consumer public.

This unique marketplace makes FSBI the most cost-effective alternative to industry and consumer tradeshows. Inventors save thousands of dollars exhibiting their invention on FSBI vs. the expensive booth rentals and travel expenditures of regional or national tradeshows.

For Inventors

The driving force behind what we do is to empower inventors to launch their dreams and get their invention out in front of the world. Whether an inventor just wants to patent and license their invention, launch it as a small start-up or anywhere in-between, FSBI has everything they need to succeed.

  • Patent, Copyright© & Trademark® Protection
    Through For Sale by Inventor’s® family of companies, we have affordable packages for patent and invention research AND for preparing and filing patent applications, copyrights & trademarks that cost only a fraction of what it would by hiring an independent IP Law Firm.
  • Marketing
    There are different Marketing Packages as well as customizable options to give inventions the proper exposure depending on the invention, inventor & their budget.
  • Engineering
    Our in-house experts will help prepare fully enabled, “Investment Grade Patents.” Additionally, we provide Virtual 3D models and videos for inventors. Our virtual models can be converted into physical prototypes and we also assist with finding suppliers both domestically and overseas.
  • Education
    If you are a new inventor and just doing research, check out our blog and our Inventor Resources page for resources on how to capitalize on your great invention.

For Manufacturers, Suppliers, Marketers & Distributors

FSBI eliminates product start-up cost risk for companies looking to license and launch innovative products. Because all of the inventions listed on the site have been engineered & protected by licensed patent pros, Companies are confident in selecting inventions to add to their product lineup because we prepare fully enabled, “Investment Grade Patents.”

Companies use FSBI as an arm of their R&D department to find and launch their next huge blockbuster success. Inventors lack the resources and connections to launch their product on a mass scale. Companies bridge that gap by reviewing and selecting products from our Client Inventions page to include in their product assortment and pitch to their retail buyers.

For Retail Buyers

Retail buyers look at FSBI to find the next cool gadget or product that will be flying off their shelves this holiday season. Because all of the products are unique and protected, retail buyers know that they can get their hands on the next hot product before the market becomes flooded with knock-offs and me too products.

For Consumers

Consumers love FSBI because they can find that special product that exits nowhere else.

Powered by Montgomery IP Associates

FSBI, is part of a family of companies that includes an in-house team of licensed patent professionals, engineers & Google Certified marketing experts all driven to help inventors take their product from an idea all the way to the marketplace.

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