How to Get Started

A brief overview of the process.

The path from idea to success is complicated, but with the right guidance you can navigate confidently. We start with the quickest and least expensive methods to help you, the inventor save time and money.

1) Get the free patent kit

Patent Secrets Exposed

The kit is an easy-to-read PDF that is the fastest way to get you up to speed on the basics of the invention patenting process. Get your free patent kit here!

2) Get your invention idea reviewed for free.

After you download your kit, you should fill out the Official Record of Invention form. This confidential form is reviewed by our team. You will get the chance to speak to an invention consultant, for free, to discuss your recommendations.

3) Get started!

After you’ve gotten your free kit and had your free consultation, you can then take some time and decide which of our recommendations you’d like to pursue. We will explain costs and expectations and help you every step of the way.

Of course, no one can predict or guarantee the success of any invention, but we can help you get started and put your best foot forward and avoid costly mistakes.

Inventor Resources

Click here for insider tips for inventors to learn how to patent, develop, license, and sell their inventions.

The path from idea to success is complicated, but with the right guidance you can navigate confidently. Everything you need to patent, develop and sell your invention.

Patent Search Packages

Before you begin patenting and marketing your invention idea, it is vital to do your research first.

Trust our proven process that has helped in getting over 1,000 patents ISSUED. View our Patent Search packages here.


Patent Application Packages

What kind of patent do you require?

We provide patent services for not only Provisional Patents like other companies, but also Utility Patents, Design Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights as well. Click here to see our different package costs.


Marketing Packages

Take your product to the next level with our professional marketing services.

We provide different packages based on your budget to market your invention idea. Including virtual prototypes, website listings, brochures, and even your own Youtube video with a voiceover.

Get Free Inventor Kit

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