Intellectual Property Basics

Intellectual Property Basics What is Intellectual Property? Intellectual property consists of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade dress, trade secrets, and the like that constitute valuable and

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The Patents of Easter

The Patents of Easter From the Easter egg dying and drying to hinged plastic eggs and cross burns, various Easter patents mark the holiday. This

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The One Year Rule

The One Year Rule The one-year rule is a common law doctrine that states that an oral contract for the sale of real property must

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Filing A Patent

Filing a Patent Do you have an invention you think might be a game-changer in the market? Well, before introducing it to the world, the

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Patent Cost

Facts about Patent Costs

Facts about Patent Costs Many people say that “nothing is free” these days. This saying also applies to the patent process, which is anything but

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What Is A Patent

What Is A Patent Everybody has heard of a patent. If you’ve ever mentioned to someone that you had an amazing new invention that

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