Filing A Patent

Filing a Patent Do you have an invention you think might be a game-changer in the market? Well, before introducing it to the world, the

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Patent Cost

Facts about Patent Costs

Facts about Patent Costs Many people say that “nothing is free” these days. This saying also applies to the patent process, which is anything but

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What Is A Patent

What Is A Patent Everybody has heard of a patent. If you’ve ever mentioned to someone that you had an amazing new invention that

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What Is A Utility Patent?

What is a Utility Patent? A utility patent is one of several types of patents you may be able to obtain if you plan

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Patent Infringement

They were called “patent pirates” in the 1840s for good reason. They infringed on a patent and refused to acknowledge the priority of the inventor.

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Tradeshow Myths

Invention Myth #1: Inventors and Tradeshows The first myth in this series is one I hear all the time, and can be the most painful

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Patent Pending or Patented?

Patent Pending or Patented? Navigating patent law is among the most frustrating parts of being an inventor. Many great ideas make it from conception to

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Invention Timeframe

Invention Timeframe Most first time inventors aren’t familiar with all of the steps that go into patenting an invention. In this article, we’ll review all

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