Spotlight Inventor - Renee Torres

Meet Renee Torres

Inventor of the Resistance Band Exercise Apparel 

This is for everyone, people of all ages and all sizes and shapes to enjoy fitness at their own pace and their own level.  Beginner,  intermediate, advanced, it does not matter what level . This apparel will work for everyone who applies it….  It will help keep and maintain muscle tone and body strength…. 

My own personal quote is :

“The Workout is in The Apparel. 

Wear it and let it work for you”

 The benefits will be amazing….

 What will I do with my success in the launch of this product onto the world🌎 stage? 

 My success will be in knowing that somehow in some way my Invention was able to help other people be happier, healthier and more fulfilled with peace,  joy and confidence in their lives because they feel good about the results they are experiencing from wearing and utilizing my Resistance Band Exercise Apparel in their every day routines. My exercise apparrel is a beautiful way to achieve healthier bodies, healthier minds,  healthier  lives.  So Success to me is when we all accomplish our hearts desires and our wildest dreams come true.. Even when our wildest dream is to be in the best shape of our lives…

 Where would I love to travel to?

I would love to travel to Israel…

What skill would you want to learn?

 Lol, the skill I would love to learn is the Russian split in Ballet. I love the art of stretch and that is just the ultimate stretch position ,I love working out,  I love Ballet and always wanted to be a Prima .The Russian split is just such a beautiful ballet position that I would I love to be able to do.

 Why do I want to learn this skill among so many others ? 

Just simply for my own personal enjoyment during my workouts ….  I love to stretch and that would be amazing for me to achieve such an elegant split for my repertoire, lol…

With the help of wearing my exercise apparel I just might conquer that goal….

Another fun fact admittedly is:

my guilty pleasure is long leisurely swims.

When I’m in the water I forget about all time and space. 

It’s like entering another  world 🌎 

 Nothing on land like it.😇


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