Resistance Band Exercise Apparel

Innovative new activewear with built in resistance bands.

  • Full Body Resistance Style Workout
  • Easy to Use
  • Allows Workout to Be Performed While Doing Other Tasks
  • Great for Rehab Purposes or Simply Staying Fit
  • Proven Results


Utility Patent #10,874,898

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Renee T. Torres of Brooklyn, NY has created new activewear with built in resistance bands!

After being in an accident, Renee went through two knee surgeries to repair her left knee. Recovery is never easy and a couple years after the surgeries, her leg had atrophied quite noticeably. She had some resistance bands and one day she decided to affix them to the inside of the top and bottom of a jogging suit. She was also wearing booties and just looped a resistance band around the ankle section for stabilizing support as she walked and lunged to rehab her knee. Renee knew she was onto something when her husband asked if she had been doing yoga because she was looking sleek and toned. Now, this clever idea has been further developed and is ready for market!

Simply choose your exercise apparel, put it on, and select your resistance bands. As you go about your day, the resistance bands will move with you to gently stretch, elongate, and tighten your muscle groups. Walk, bend, squat, reach for something, playfully box with the air around you your body will benefit from whatever motions or movements you perform! The apparel can be worn for rehab purposes, or simply to keep you fit and toned. The workout is so effortless, you wont even realize you are exercising!

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