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The Importance of Effective Communication in the Invention Process

When it comes to bringing your ideas to life, effective communication is key. At For Sale By Inventor, we understand that the collaboration between your genius ideas and our expertise can result in amazing inventions becoming a reality. However, there are some common categories of information that may get overlooked during the invention process which could have major implications for legal protection, production, and sale of your idea.

The Expertise of the Inventor

As the inventor, you have an intimate knowledge about your invention that no one else possesses. You know how it works and what it does better than anyone else. Our role is to work with you to elicit this information and reconfigure it into a format required by the USPTO, Copyright Office and marketplace at large.

List of Information to Remember to Communicate

While communicating the basic idea or invention may not be difficult for most inventors, there are several categories of information that are often neglected:

  1. Changes: Let us know if you have any changes to your invention as soon as possible so that they can be incorporated into any documents or designs we are filing on your behalf.

  2. Test Results: If you’ve performed any tests on your invention, let us know the results because this information may be critical to our engineer’s assessment and description of your invention.

  3. Contact Information: If you’ve changed your address, phone number, or email account let us know so we can keep you up-to-date with the status of your invention.

  4. Proofreading: Carefully proofread anything that we send to you for review to ensure that what we’ve written accurately describes your invention.

  5. Sales: Let us know if you’ve begun to sell your invention as this might impact any decisions being made with respect to its marketing.

  6. Timely Responses: Timely respond to all requests from our office for additional information because some deadlines imposed by the USPTO can be unforgiving.

By addressing list of information in a timely manner, inventors can avoid potential impediments to their inventions’ legal protection, production and sale.

Effective communication is crucial throughout the entire invention process. At For Sale By Inventor, we promise to keep inventors apprised of important deadlines but sometimes accurate responses require feedback from inventors themselves. Remembering these simple tips will ensure that nothing gets overlooked and help bring those Eureka! moments into reality!


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