What Is An Inventor’s Agent?

Many people wrongly use the term Inventor’s Agent interchangeably with Invention Marketer or Product Developer.  An Inventor’s Agent represents the total business interests of the inventor and not just the sale or development of a single invention.  In fact, the inventor could be the source of several inventions in different stages of development.

A Talent Agent can be used as a good analogy to better understand the role of an Inventor’s Agent.  A Talent Agent assembles and then manages a team of specialized professionals for the movie star or singing idol which can include: business attorney, accountant, vocal/acting coach, public relations person, road manager and producer.  Similarly, an Inventor’s Agent coordinates the efforts of a patent attorney/agent, engineers, designers, graphic illustrators, draftsmen, marketers and contract negotiators.  In both cases, the talent star or the inventor is the person making all final decisions.

In corporations, the job of the Inventor’s Agent is handled by the company’s management team.  Creative ideas for new products can originate anywhere within a company but it is left to the engineering department to make the idea a reality.  Products come to life around a conference room table attended by the technical staff, sales, patent counsel, accounting and management sharing thoughts that give birth to new products.  It is the management team that focuses the process and keeps everyone on task.

Because of financial constraints, many individual inventors forego hiring an Inventor’s Agent taking on most, and usually all, of the jobs themselves.  This can be overwhelming, especially for a first-time inventor.  Some inventors will join together in clubs and such with other inventors to share their real-life experiences.  This helps to a degree, but can never add hours to the day or be a substitute for the necessary specialized expertise.  Just like most failed businesses are due to either a lack of a solid foundation or a lack of funding, the same problems doom most inventors.

Inventors with an invention idea that they feel could be financially successful should avoid doing everything themselves.  The job is too big for any one person.  Find an Inventor’s Agent that you can trust.  Be willing to pay a fee plus a percentage of earnings.  If it’s a good agent, the money will be well spent.  Their expertise and connections will more than compensate for their fee.  But most importantly, an Inventor’s Agent will be able to steer you through the maze of taking an idea through research and development, patenting and onto the market.


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  1. Iam an inventor and a re-developer (thinker) of different products some good some not so good I am a mechanic for over 40 yearsand my mind is trained to solve problems butIwould rather stay out of the business end Ihave no money I make my own protypes ruff but they do work

  2. I want to sell the item to old
    I do not want to manufacture
    I am an inventor who thinks
    my prototypes are just what can be done
    -I have made 3 or 4 different types of hand trucks
    -made an improvement in sockets probably at no cost
    -I have made a new tool for scroll saw
    -I have tools for gardening
    -I have made tools for people who work out of there van-new type of pooper scoopers (no moving parts)
    -bird feeders that stop squirrels from stealing the bird food without hurting them no chemicals
    -stopping ants from getting into homes
    -remodeling shoes for diabetes helps them not to fall
    -saves unused corking tubs (does not go into land fill)
    -fly killer no chemicals(does not add to land fill)
    -fat free pan for -BBQ no oil required
    -old cream used new way for dry skin
    – new type of flashlight
    -I invented new tools for craft people
    Thank You
    Philip Waxman
    1-631 647 5041

    1. Sounds if you are very prolific. My best advice is for you to prioritize your inventions that you can fully design and then do a patent search. From the results, you should have an idea of what inventions ideas of yours that are worth pursuing.

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