New Year’s Resolutions for Inventors

New Year's Resolution

If at the start of the year you set a goal of inventing something new but are yet to accomplish it, don’t beat yourself up. All is not lost. The beginning of another year’s signals hope since it’s a chance to wake up, dust off, and hit the road again.

Even if the odds seem against you, you never know that a new year may bring forth a new way of thinking. So, before you decide to give up on your dreams of becoming the next Steve Jobs, listen up.

Famous Inventor Who Never Gave Up Despite Failing

The good thing about being an inventor in this generation is that you’re not the first and neither the last to do it. Channel some inspiration from this famous inventor who succeeded despite all odds:

Thomas Edison

The story of the great Thomas Edison is known worldwide by inventors and other people alike. It has transcended generations and is a source of hope that nothing is impossible if you don’t give up on your dreams.

This genius mind failed multiple times before he ever experienced any success with his inventions. Although many people including you may only be familiar with Thomas Edison’s 1000 failures in creating the light bulb, these are not his only setbacks.

In fact, there’s a list of other epic fails by Thomas Edison you may not know about. These include:

The Automatic Vote Recorder

Before Edison experimented with the light bulb, he invented the automatic vote recorder. This is a device legislators could use while voting bills instead of the old-fashioned manual voting, which was corruptible.

However, when Thomas took the invention to the house, they rejected it and he gave up on the invention and moved forward.

Electric Pen

Another one of Edison’s epic failures involves manufacturing and selling an electric pen with numerous faults. What he thought would be the ideal pen for making multiple handwritten copies eventually turned out noisy and much heavier than expected.

As a result, the pen’s demand in the market declined, and the invention once considered a start was a failure, although for only a period. Albert B. Dick later bought the pen’s patent technologies and used it to make a stencil copier that became an instant hit in schools and offices.

Lessons and Inspirations from Thomas Edison Failures

Of course, the great Thomas Edison despite numerous setbacks and failures along the way succeeded and is an icon for inventors and the world today. There are many lessons plus inspirations to derive from the life of this inventor. These include:

Success is Often Closer than you Think

To quote the great Thomas Edison himself, “most of life’s failures are people who didn’t realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Although Edison failed 1000 times before discovering what the light bulb is today, he never gave up because he believed success is close by. This new year resolve to keep going regardless of the circumstances.

There’s Always Room for Improvement

The numerous attempts Thomas Edison made before getting his inventions right tell you all is not always lost. You just haven’t found the right way to do it. So, try as many times as possible with different ideas in mind. Remember, there’s always another way to improve on your current ideas.

Perfection is an Illusion

When it comes to invention, there’s no perfection since everything can always be improved on. Keep sharpening your knowledge and skills, unlike most inventors who feel accomplished after small successes.

In short, never settle even if you succeed once, go for other successes, and embrace failure in the process.

What holds you back from pursuing your New Year’s Resolutions?

If you’re among the 156 million citizens who never achieve their new year’s goals, then you may be doing it all wrong. Specific factors may be weighing you down. These include:

Running a Marathon like It’s a Sprint

For an innovator, the want it all now mentality can be destructive because success may not come as fast as you’d like. This can lead you towards the wrong path since none of your goals seem to be coming true.

Instead of focusing on success, put in the work, including doing countless hours of research to find new concepts. However, know that becoming a recognized inventor is a marathon and not a sprint.

So, learn to balance working and resting to give your brain enough time to rejuvenate. Spend time with family on the weekends whenever possible to get your mind off work.

Lack of Belief

If you’re an inventor who constantly doubts your abilities, then you may be killing your chances of success before you even begin. Success or failure begins from the mind, as most athletes will tell you.

Even if you’ve failed several times in the past, learn to move past these setbacks and derive valuable lessons for future inventions. Remember, if you doubt yourself, you can’t grow.

Too Many Ideas, Little Action

It’s normal for an inventor to have numerous ideas at once. However, sort out these ideas and have a plan of action on how to execute them. Begin with the most promising ideas before trickling down to the less innovative concepts.

Someone once said, “even the best self-help book in the world can’t help you if you fail to take action.”

Not Enjoying the Process

If you’re constantly bored by what you do, you’ll never realize any meaningful success. The process of inventing something new can be long and hard, which isn’t always enjoyable even if you have a passion for inventing.

How to Overcome These Obstacles

While inventors face numerous challenges on their way to success, some of these problems can be easily avoided. The following are ways inventors can turn a leaf this New Year and realize some success.

Get Organized

The one thing inventors don’t know how to do is get organized. If you’re the type who relies on your head to remember everything, having a balanced life, which leads to success, is impossible.

Instead, keep records of your project’s success and failure as you move towards patenting the invention. Make sure all the paperwork is right, and if possible, always carry an inventor’s notebook with you.

Consider New Inspirations Avenues

Often, inventors find themselves in a rut because they lack the right inspiration to see projects through to the end. This can be as a result of having the same cramped up old routine day in, day out.

So, from time to time, deviate from your normal routine and try a new one. For example, you could try working from a new workstation.

Stop Trying to Reinvent the Wheel

The pressure inventors go through to come up with something never seen or heard of before leads many to failure and even depression. While it’s not impossible to invent a new concept, it’s easier to find ways to improve on existing inventions.

Remember, all inventions undergo upgrades throughout their years to become what they’re today. Think about the television or the cotton gin, for example, which have been improved on multiple times.

Make your New Year Resounding Success

Contrary to what you may think, inventing a new concept isn’t that far out of reach. In case you’ve failed several times, don’t be afraid to stand up and get back in the ring again. But make sure you take the necessary steps to surmount all obstacles along the way.


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