Crank Chop

I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical about the CrankChop. I’m always hesitant about those “As Seen On TV” products and this one seemed a little too good to be true, especially when I pulled it out of the box.
First of all, it’s smaller than I imagined, and the blades didn’t seem too sharp. I even walked back to show Kristy Wilson, our office manager, who was also skeptical. I tested it out on onions, because chopping onions might be one of my least favorite things to do. I can’t stand the smell or the crying that ensues! I’ve tried all the tricks that are supposed to stop the crying, but none have worked for me.

Very much to my delight, it worked and not a single tear was shed! You still have to cut up the onion slightly so it fits in the container, but I’ll take that over chopping the entire onion any day. With just a few “cranks,” the onion was chopped, a couple more and it was diced!
This product is surprisingly easy to use. I could take it to my 86-year-old grandma and she would be able to use it! The only concern I have is what to do once the blade gets dull. Can it be sharpened like a knife? Can you buy a replacement? I guess we will find the answer to that when it happens!
CrankChop definitely deserves an A+ rating!
Rose Huwe


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