The Better Sponge

The Better Sponge claimed to clean pots and pans and leave them scratch free and I am here to say that it did one of those things. This “sponge,” which isn’t a sponge at all, left my pans scratch free but definitely did not clean them. I would have had to scrub the one pan for at least 5 minutes in order to get all the food residue off. It did not even clean the pan that had no food residue on it. They were left feeling greasy and oily and I had to resort to my $1 sponge to get the pans clean.

For the price of $25, I got 6 sponges (2 of each). Yes, they have multiple uses such as cleaning a car, dishwashing, pot holders, and jar openers, but I still feel they were very overpriced. The Better Sponge did not do a good job of dishwashing and I was too afraid to try it out on my car. I do feel that it would do an “OK” job of cleaning off some dirt on a car or bathroom wall, but nothing that is stuck on. My rating for the Better Sponge is a D+. The ratings on Amazon are also less than impressive. I would not recommend the Better Sponge if you plan to do any type of cleaning! Rose Huwe