The AquaDog is a refillable water container for dogs on the go so you don’t need to carry around a water bottle and a bowl for your pet! It has a very simple design that is easy to use: just squeeze to fill and release to drain. It is advertised as suitable for all breeds and ages, which I am usually weary about because having a Great Dane/Irish Wolfhound, things that are “for dogs of all sizes” usually don’t work for him. To my delight, the AquaDog was a good size for him. The bowl is a smaller size, but he was still able to get a nice drink of water from it. I have a Shepadoodle (German Shepherd/Poodle) as well and it was the perfect size for her.

The AquaDog is convenient, light-weight and easy to fill/use. You can operate it with just one hand and you don’t need to stop, pour water into a bowl and let your dog drink. It cuts out quite a few steps, making your daily walks or trip to the park easy! I LOVE that the unused water can just drain right back into the bottle, so no water is wasted. The Velcro strap makes it easy to attach the AquaDog to a leash, belt loop, backpack, etc. for easy carrying.
I am a HUGE fan of the AquaDog and will be using it for my dogs! They seem to like it too!

Rating: A-

Rose Huwe


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