Engineering with an eye on the end product.

During the preparation of the Engineering Specification section of the Patent Application, our staff of “industry-proven“ engineers take into consideration subjects such as material selection, availability of parts, manufacturing methods, assembly methods, and others, when finalizing the design of an invention.

Although the functionality of an invention must be the primary consideration, during the “finishing” of the invention, often many portions of the invention are yet undetermined. These design considerations represent future decisions which ultimately affect the reliability, manufacturing cost, and esthetics of the client’s device or apparatus.

By applying our many years of experience in various industries, our engineers are able to incorporate and positively affect an invention during the specification writing phase, resulting in a more marketable and useful end product. Often what makes one product sell better than a similar one is not always price. It can be color, shape, ease of use, or any of the previously mentioned factors.

Keep in mind, although we can consult with the client and help with “finishing” the invention, all final utility and design decisions are the responsibility of the inventor.

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