How to Draft a Quality ROI

As a general rule, the inventor’s submission of his or her Record of Invention (“ROI”), is our first and most important step in the process of obtaining a patent.  As we always state, “nobody knows your invention better than you,” and how we first learn about your invention is from your ROI.  It therefore is of critical importance that when you fill out your ROI that you provide us with as much detail possible.

This includes a detailed written description which should cover such issues as what your invention does, how does it operate and what makes your invention different/better/special from other similar products currently available in the marketplace.  Additionally, we recommend including detailed drawings – regardless of your artistic skill level and photographs of all relevant views of your invention if you have made a prototype (remember the old maxim that a picture is worth a 1,000 words).

When an inventor presents this information in his or her ROI, a chain of events is set in motion which results in an efficient and accurate patent opinion…and ultimately a quality application should the patent opinion come back positive.  Therefore, we urge our prospective clients to spend as much time as possible when drafting an ROI by providing the information detailed above, for in our experience, it is time very well spent.

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  1. I have a preventional patent already and prototypes ready to show, it’s something that every man could use especially a one armed veteran or a person who just can’t tie a tie. My invention is called the “Fly tie”. I have a video of me trying it on. All I need is production and sales help. That might sound like a lot but there’s a lot in it for anyone who wants to help.

  2. My invention is called the Fly tie, & I already have a patent on it. I have a few prototypes to show in a video. My tie is made to help one armed veterans on any man that has a problem tying a tie. All I need is sale and marketing help. I even have a new tie rack that’s available. I want to be able to show it to someone who want take me off you dig!

  3. Im interested in puting my invention on the market my invention is the power off power on switch

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