An injury-preventing compression shoe with dynamic arch support that compliments - and then enhances - the human bodys normal foot mechanics.

  • First Shoe with a Built-In Orthotic, Dynamic Arch Supports, and Compression All-In-One
  • Topnotch Comfort and Performance
  • Decreases Swelling and Soreness
  • Prevents Foot Injuries
  • Improves Joint Stability
  • Carbon Fiber Orthotic Offers Postural Steadiness, While Preventing/Treating Lower Back and Joint Pain


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jordan Yuille of Marlborough, CT has created an injury-preventing compression shoe with dynamic arch support that compliments - and then enhances - the normal foot mechanics of the human body.

Having personally suffered from plantar fasciitis as a child, Jordan had a hard time walking due to severe pain. That is what steered him in the direction of physical therapy and eventually motivated him to create and design a better shoe. He remembered his therapist designing and building inserts to place in his shoe. Now years later, Jordan is a physical therapist assisting others. In his studies, he has learned so much about foot mechanics and new technologies. He just knew a better shoe could be made. In turn, he developed Yuilles!

The invention incorporates compression and orthotic insoles with the latest carbon fiber technology into a single complete product. The compression improves circulation, decreases swelling and soreness, and improves joint stability. The built-in carbon fiber orthotic offers postural steadiness, while preventing and treating lower back and joint pain. The carbon fiber aspect provides a lightweight material with energy-storing properties, which can improve performance while preventing sports-related injuries. This product will be great for off the field, too! Benefits are numerous and will be an asset for everyday use.

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