Youth Proximity Alert System

When you can't find your child, we will.

  • Uses a Small Wristband or App
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Saves Lives
  • Can Be Used for Children, Pets, Adults with Dementia
  • Provides Peace of Mind for Parents, Caregivers, and Daycare Workers


Utility Patent - 11,315,404

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Brian A. Greer of Goodyear, AZ has developed an innovative new system that will save lives by alerting a parent or caregiver when a child has wandered too far away without them noticing.

Being from Arizona where the temperature is often scorching, Brian is always coming across newspaper articles about children being left in a hot car or drowning in a pool. Losing track of your child can be terrifying. Brian knows this firsthand. One year while his young granddaughter was visiting, she walked out the door because she couldnt find her mother who was in the shower. Thankfully, Brians son found her within seconds because hed heard the front door open. For many others, this is not the case. Brian just knew something had to be done. In turn, he created the Youth Proximity Alert System!

The alert system features a small band that is worn on the wrist of the child. The parent or caregiver will also wear a band, or they have the option of using an app instead. During use, if the childs band goes beyond a pre-set distance, the parent or caregivers band or app will emit an alert signal. It will then inform them of the direction the child has wandered and how far they have gone. This same technology can also be used for pets or adults with dementia who may roam away and become lost.

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