A clever alternative to folding laundry!

  • No Need to Fold Clothes
  • Clothes Won’t Wrinkle
  • Keeps Garments Looking Presentable
  • Gives You More Time to Yourself
  • Holds Clothes in Place Until You Need Them


Design Patent #D806,334

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Silvia M. DiSabatino of Toronto has created a clever alternative to folding laundry!

Ten years ago, Inventor DiSabatino was diagnosed with an illness that made household chores more difficult and bothersome. Eventually laundry became challenging and instead of folding her clothes, she would put them on her exercise ball or an upside-down laundry basket. She soon noticed that if she placed the clothes down right, they wouldnt wrinkle! Combining the idea of the exercise ball and the basket, she designed Yourfold!

The invention keeps garments looking presentable and wrinkle-free. There is no longer a need to fold them. The device can also be used as a basket for collecting laundry. Each garment can be stacked on top of each other while the product holds them in place until needed. This will give users more time to themselves!

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