A new personal wiping tool.

  • - Fosters a Sense of Security and Freedom
  • - Reduces Worry about Untimely Attendance to Incontinence Issues
  • - Can Be Used Anywhere
  • - Disguises Well Under Clothing
  • - Numerous Personal Hygienic and Household Uses


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Rea Rizza Cabading of Lahaina, HI has created a new wiping tool for on-the-spot personal hygiene.

The need for maintaining personal hygiene has never been more important. There are tools to help with this process, particularly in instances where areas of the body are hard to reach, especially dirty, or if a caretaker is needed to provide the hygienic process. However, like many, Rea disliked touching anything that was dirty and unsanitary and just knew there had to be a better option for consumers or caretakers responsible for the personal hygiene of others. In turn, she was inspired to develop Wushy!

The invention features a handle and tube connector with a spring-actuated push button ejector. A user will simply secure a wet wipe on the exterior of the tube connector. After use, the push button is activated, and the used wipe is ejected from the spool for quick disposal. No touching required! This will foster a sense of security and freedom and reduce worry about untimely attendance to incontinence issues. The device disguises well under clothing. It can be used anywhere for personal hygienic or household purposes.

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Additional Information

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