Work Cart

Simplifies the process of transporting water, feed, and more!

  • Wheelbarrow-Style Cart with Multiple Cargo Boxes Attached
  • Carries Up To 20 Gallons of Water at a Time
  • Also Holds Buckets of Feed or Materials Like Mulch, Rocks, or Soil
  • Much Easier on the Body
  • Strong and Durable


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Rebecca and Timothy Woodard of Shirley, MA have created a cart that simplifies the process of transporting water, feed, and more!

If you care for horses or other large animals, you know it can be grueling work. Rebecca carried water for horses for 30 years. It was never easy and after hurting her back, she realized there just had to be a better way. And so, alongside Timothy, the two were inspired to develop the Work Cart!

The invention is a wheelbarrow-style cart with multiple cargo boxes securely attached to the top of the frame. You can use the cargo boxes to carry buckets of water that hold up to 5 gallons each, allowing you to move up to 20 gallons at a time! In addition to carrying water, the cart can be used to move buckets of feed or even materials like mulch, rocks, or soil, making it ideal for use around a farm or ranch. It will also be great for use at landscaping sites, construction areas, dog kennels, or for use while camping.

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