Wood Stove Insertee

Reduces the amount of burn area in a wood stove on a temporary basis.

  • Maintenance of Charcoal
  • Reduces BTU Output
  • Perfect when Temperatures are Fluctuating
  • Stands Up to the Heat
  • Easy to Remove


Utility Patent #10,488,050

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor David Puskarich of Larimer, PA has created a new wood stove accessory that reduces the amount of burn area in a wood stove on a temporary basis.

With more time at home after retiring, David quickly realized the wood stove in his basement was putting out too much heat. He could dampen it down or put less wood on it, but the fire would smolder more than it burned. This created more coals and led to more creosote buildup. David started to wonder if he should have bought a smaller stove. Maybe he should have purchased two stoves and alternated use between them. He just knew there had to be a better way. With a background in manufacturing, he was inspired to develop the Wood Stove Insertee!

The invention is an upside-down T-shaped steel device that forms two compartments in a wood stove. Firewood may now be stacked vertically inside the stove, on one side, during milder weather that does not require the full heating capability of the stove. With less wood, there is less output! This will also aid in charcoal management. Overall, the Insertee will improve the thermal efficiency of the stove in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

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