Wiper Diaper

Now you can keep your wiper blades working like new!

  • All Weather Use
  • Eliminates the Chance of Windshield Wiper Getting Frozen or Melted to the Windshield
  • Protects the Windshield
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Easy to Install


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michael W. McKown of Las Vegas, NV has created an easy-to-install protective cover for your windshield wipers.

As most drivers know, windshield wipers can freeze to the windshield in extreme cold and can actually melt to a windshield in extreme heat. Even in normal conditions, blades will fail to clean the windshield properly. With the cost of wiper blades increasing each year, having to replace your windshield wipers can be really frustrating. However, failing to replace them can damage your windshield over time. Wouldn't it be pleasant for new wiper blades to always be in great condition and work as expected? Michael just knew there had to be a way to increase the useable life of the wiper blade for safe operation on the roadways. In turn, he developed the Wiper Diaper!

The invention features a cover that divides down the center, so both the rubber wiper portion and the metal arms are encased. The cover has a curved edge at the top and a stiffened edge along the bottom. When needed, you can safely stop the vehicle and remove the covers in a matter of seconds. This will keep your wiper blades working like new.

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