Windshield Sav’rr

An innovative new way to prevent chips, cracks, and windshield fractures.

  • Made of Military Shield
  • Protects Integrity of Windshield
  • Similar to Protective Screen Shield for Your Smartphone
  • Can Be Removed and Replaced as Needed
  • Great Aftermarket Item

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Justin Cabanas of Cotati, CA has created a protective screen that once applied will save your windshield from chips, cracks, and fractures.

Many of us have had the unfortunate run in with a stone or pebble that flies up from the road and instantly damages our windshield. Even when it is just mild damage, the crack is likely to grow in size over time. Not only does this affect the look of our vehicle aesthetically, it can also obscure our vision. Justin knew there had to be a way to protect a windshield from lifes little mishaps. In turn, he developed the Windshield Savrr!

Just like a protective screen shield for your phone, the invention will protect your windshield in much the same way. It is made of military shield, as used on space shuttle helicopter jets. A user will simply roll it over the window and cut it to fit their windshield. It is then applied by spraying soapy water and squeegeeing the excess water out. The invention is replaceable and will make a great aftermarket item for anyone trying to preserve the condition of their vehicle.

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