Wheelbarrow 360

A new swivel support device for a wheelbarrow.

  • Allows Users to Move a Wheelbarrow in Any Direction, Even in Tight Spaces
  • Easy 360 Degree Turning
  • Locking Wheels Prevent Wheelbarrow from Rolling Unattended
  • Safer Operation and Better Balance When Loaded
  • No Tools Needed to Install or Remove the Device


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Henrik P. Rupp of Hudson Falls, NY has created a new swivel support device for a wheelbarrow.

Lifting and maneuvering a wheelbarrow can be a struggle for nearly anyone. Like many, getting older made it difficult for Henrik to lift and keep his wheelbarrow from tipping with heavy or bulky loads. Eventually, he just knew there had to be a better way. The Wheelbarrow 360 is his solution. Inventor Rupp is still gardening well into his eighties. Part of the reason he can do that is because of these great modifications he made to his own wheelbarrow. He realized that anyone could benefit from his creative idea!

But how does it work? Simply attach the invention to your existing wheelbarrow and experience the ease of moving it in any direction, even in tight spaces. Locking wheels prevent the wheelbarrow from rolling unattended, even on a steep grade. Other benefits include safer operation, better balance when loaded, and the ability to move heavy loads without having to lift the wheelbarrow. No tools are needed to install or remove the device.

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