Wheel Eze

A new heavy duty wheel puller.

  • For Use in Removing Rusted On and/or Seized Wheel Rims
  • Eliminates Use of Hammers and Pry Bars
  • Protects Rims and Vehicles from Damage
  • Reduces Risk of Physical Injury
  • Great for Use at Dealerships, Repair Centers, and By Serious DIYers


Utility Patent - 11,618,143

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor David Kellogg of Brandon, MS has created a new heavy duty wheel puller.

When a wheel rim becomes rusted or stuck on a vehicle, especially large semi-trucks and their trailers, it presents a real issue, as the rim must then be pried off the hubs. In his career as a mechanic, David would use a sledgehammer and pry bar to remove trailer tires on vehicles like 18 wheelers. It was never easy and would place a lot of stress and strain on the body. It could also damage the rim or vehicle. He just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, David was inspired to develop Wheel Eze!

The invention is portable and can be used in all situations. During use, a center post is positioned over the hub while two hooks, connected by adjustable threaded rods that reach ten inches deep, are attached to rim openings. An electric or air-operated impact gun is then attached to the half-inch drive center post to drive it inward. This produces even force, centered safely on the hub and axle, to pull the rim off without damage to the vehicle and most importantly without injury to the user.

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