Wet Floor Slider

A safer and more streamlined approach to floor maintenance.

  • Wet Floor Caution Decal
  • Positioned At Eye Level on the Door of a Freshly Mopped Room
  • Black Slide Can Be Moved Over to Conceal the Wet Floor Warning After Floors Are Dry
  • Non-Janitorial Staff Can Even Slide It Themselves Once the Floor is Dry
  • Safer and Not a Tripping Hazard like Conventional Signs


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Scott Gilliam of Neenah, WI has developed a product that will eliminate the need for wet floor signs to be manually removed, offering a safer and more streamlined approach to floor maintenance.

Tasked with overseeing the safety of a sprawling 500,000 square foot manufacturing facility, Scott faced a perpetual challenge relating to wet floor signs. The issue was multifaceted: floors require a certain amount of time to dry, yet janitorial staff often do not have time to wait until drying is complete. This leads to signs obstructing walkways, getting knocked down, or remaining out long after the need for them has passed. In turn, Scott was inspired to create a safer solution that still warned of wet floors without being a nuisance.

But how does it work? The Wet Floor Slider is positioned at eye level on the door of a freshly mopped room, displaying a prominent "wet floor" caution decal. As soon as the floor dries, a black slide can be moved over to conceal the wet floor warning. Even in the absence of janitorial staff, individuals can slide it themselves once the floor is dry.

The Wet Floor Slider is now ready for market! Want to learn more? Be the first to contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities!


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