Weatherproof Bird Feeder

Keep your feeder going all year round!

  • Waterproof Seed Container
  • Keeps Seeds Dry to Prevent Waste
  • Dispenses Any Size Seed, or Different Sizes, At the Same Time
  • Easy to Clean Feed Plate
  • Must-Have During the Winter Months or Rainy Season


Utility Patent - 11,297,804

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John C. Brown of Dunbarton, NH has created an innovative new all-season bird feeder.

The winter months, or a rainy season, can make it difficult for birds to access food in a feeder. Rain and snow can also affect the quality of bird seed. Unfortunately, this is when food is needed the most, as a birds natural food supply may be difficult to procure at this time of year. In turn, John was inspired to develop the Weatherproof Bird Feeder! After creating and perfecting a prototype, it is now ready to hit the market!

The invention features a funnel-shaped feed dispensing tube, covered feeding plate, floating collar, and seed reservoir. The seed reservoir is 100% waterproof to keep seeds dry, regardless of the weather. The feeder dispenses any size seed, or different sizes of the same seed, at the same time. It is very simple to adjust, fill, and clean, and is nearly squirrel proof!

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