Allows dogs to participate in water-based fun without the risk of drowning.

  • Flotation Aid for Dogs
  • Supports The Dog, But Allows Complete Freedom of Movement
  • For Water-Based Physical Therapy Sessions
  • Also Great for Recreational Use in a Lake, Pool, or Pond
  • Various Sizes Possible


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Likell Coley of West Palm Beach, FL has created a flotation aid for dogs undergoing water-based physical therapy rehabilitation or dogs just wanting to float safely alongside their owner.

Not all dogs do well in the water. This can be for many reasons, including their age or because of a disability. While fishing one day, Likell noticed a dog in a wheelchair who desperately wanted to get into the water but could not. At that moment, a light went off and the Waterwalker was born. With this product, dogs can now enjoy the water without getting tired or even tragically drowning.

The invention features a section of hard foam that floats upon the water. The center of the foam board is cut out to accommodate the dog, while the dog is in a dog paddle position. The dog is held in place by a textile harness, which holds its chest, belly, and hind quarters. The harness is then attached to the foam board by six strategically placed nylon straps. Each strap is adjustable to securely fit the dog and allow for proper floatation.

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