Water Extraction Box

Near automatic removal of unwanted water from trenches.

  • Built-In Water Removal Capabilities
  • Eliminates the Need of a Separate Sump Pump
  • Less Mess and Obstructions at the Job Site
  • Improves Quality of Job
  • Sturdy, Durable, Reliable


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Terry Wisdom of Tennessee Ridge, TN has created a means to remove water from trench box assemblies while performing below-grade construction tasks.

Trenches are commonly used in the construction and utility business for building foundations and for access to underground facilities. While necessary, they can be very dangerous. All walls of a trench will cave in given enough time. To combat this, many contractors use trench boxes to help hold back the soil. However, another problem with trench work is the almost certain buildup of water that infiltrates from the soil. Most contractors place a separate sump pump in the trench to pump out the water. This requires portable power cords and flexible hoses. While such a solution does work, the pump, hoses, and cables are almost always in the way and subject to damage. In turn, Wisdom developed the Water Extraction Box!

The invention allows for near automatic removal of unwanted water from trench box assemblies. Water will be removed from a trench quickly and safely, with less mess and obstructions at the job site. No separate sump pump needed!

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