Waste Receptacle Holding Device

Easily secures a waste receptacle in an open position so users can collect leaves without struggle.

  • Hoops Interact with Each Other
  • No Second Person Needed to Hold a Bag Open
  • Saves Time
  • Eliminates Frustration
  • Easy to Tie Bag Once Full


Utility Patent #10,427,870

Story Behind the Invention

Nigel Roffey of Lakeworth, FL has invented a holding device for keeping a waste receptacle open so users can collect leaves without struggle.

Raking and removing yard waste can be back-breaking work that homeowners come to dread. In turn, Inventor Roffey has created the Waste Receptacle Holding Device!

This clever new invention features hoops that interact with each other to hold a bag open so leaves can be collected by one person. No longer will a second person be needed to hold the bag open while the other rakes. The invention will also make it easy to tie off the bag once its full. Best of all, it will eliminate frustration and save homeowners time!

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