Vole Clean Kill

An innovative new way of exterminating voles.

  • Uses Chewing Gum
  • Effective and Quick Eradication
  • Does Not Require the Use of Costly Physical Traps
  • Doesn’t Rely on Dangerous Poison
  • Mess-Free

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Lorenza Moore of Canton, MI has created an innovative new way of exterminating voles.

Voles, a relative of the mouse, do not hibernate and are active all throughout the year. They are some of the most prolific breeders in the rodent family, which is unfortunate, because they are a big nuisance to ones lawn and property. Voles consume roots, grass, seeds, stems, and the leaves of plants. Although physical traps can be used on them, traps take a great deal of time to work and are often expensive. Poisoned bait can be used, but it is definitely not the safest option with children and family pets around. Inventor Moore just knew there had to be another way.

This new method involves freezing chewing gum until the gum is brittle enough to break into small pieces. The pieces are then dropped on the ground around ones house, lawn, garden, landscaping, or pathways frequented by voles. The voles, attracted to the gum for its smell and flavor, consume it. Since a voles digestive system cannot process or pass the gum, it clogs their intestines causing death. This quick and effective method of eradication has been successfully tested for over 20 years. It is mess-free, does not require the use of costly traps, and does not rely on dangerous poison which could accidentally be consumed by children or pets.

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