Virtual Windows Anywhere

A windowless view of the outdoors!

  • LED Screens Provide an External View
  • Can Also Play Live or Recorded Content to Simulate a Different Location
  • Saves Energy
  • Increases Security
  • A Better Alternative to Traditional Windows


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Julian P. Quist of Banks, OR has created an innovative new live projected display system.

Windows are the biggest drivers for HVAC costs. They leak, the newer energy efficient ones deteriorate over time, and to top it off, we as a society generally do not use them. We cover them to keep our rooms warm in the winter or cool in summer, or to safeguard our privacy. The cost of traditional windows has gone up substantially, while thin LED televisions have fallen in price. With these things in mind, Julian was inspired to develop Virtual Windows Anywhere!

The invention offers users a windowless view of the outdoors! Users will either surface mount or embed an LED screen onto the wall to project a live image. The screen will integrate with external cameras to provide users with an outside view. It is also possible to play live or recorded content to simulate a different location. Perhaps you would rather a mountain top view or an ocean shore. With Virtual Windows Anywhere, it is possible!

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