Vertical Slide and Hide

Vertically-sliding mount for concealing items while saving valuable space!

  • Conceals Items Behind a Vertically Sliding System
  • Easy to Install
  • Countertops Stay Clear
  • Won’t Crowd Your Space
  • Ideal for Small Powder Rooms or Beautiful En-Suites


Utility Patent #10,791,829

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Richard C. Carmichael of Georgetown, TX has created a vertically-sliding mount that allows for easy concealment of medicine cabinets, wall safes, and more!

While remodeling his master bathroom, Inventor Carmichael knew he wanted medicine cabinets but he also wanted his countertop to stay clear. He just didn't like the idea of mirrors that opened up and crowded his space, especially while shaving or brushing his teeth.

Carmichael searched the market for mirrored cabinet doors that slid vertically but came up emptyhanded. Nor could he find a mounting system for mounting a mirror that would slide vertically. In turn, he took matters into his own hands and created the Vertical Slide and Hide!

This clever new invention is a vertically-sliding mount for concealing items behind a sliding mirror, picture, or decorative panel. While a great addition to any room or office, a vertical sliding vanity would be ideal for a small powder room or for removing that medicine cabinet look in a beautiful en-suite. There are countless possibilities.

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