When you need to get a handle on it, get the VersaHandle!

  • Made of Very Durable Denim Fabric
  • Reinforced with a Wooden Dowel for Extra Strength and Rigidity
  • Many Uses
  • You Decide What Needs to Be Bundled, Carried, or Hung Up
  • Can Easily Handle 50 Lbs.!


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

The idea for the VersaHandle was born out of necessity when we moved into a high-rise condo. I was so tired of having to set my grocery bags down, gather them around my wrist again with every door that needed to be unlocked and opened. Counting the elevator, I was setting my groceries down four times before reaching my kitchen. I was also, so over, seeing my arms with red welts from bag impressions. I needed something that would help me carry the bags, keep them together when I set them down and something that I could carry comfortably in my pocket.

From these struggles the VersaHandle came to life. Once we had them in our hands and started using them, we very quickly realized the versatility and that this was much more than a bag carrier. It is a unique, and a very durable fabric tool made of denim which is known for its long-lasting usability and durability. We started using it for so much more. The VersaHandle is perfect for lifting, carrying, organizing and storing. Its very useful all around the house, garage, work truck and boat. To see the VersaHandle in action visit our website


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