A new rowing machine that simulates actual sculling or rowing for a full body workout without ever getting off the rower!

  • Cardio and Strength Training in One Machine
  • Use 86% of your Muscles from Rowing and Then Use the Rest by Turning Your Body Sideways to the Fly Wheel
  • Train One Side of the Body at a Time and Work on Unbalanced or Weaker Muscles
  • Dual Handled and Can be Used Separately or Simultaneously
  • Great for People with Larger Midsections to Get a Full Range of Motion


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Christopher A. Gatta of Niles, OH has developed a new rowing machine that simulates actual sculling or rowing for a full body workout with one machine.

The idea was born while using his indoor rowing machine. Trying to use proper form on it was uncomfortable. Christopher then began watching a documentary on rowing and realized he was not getting a full range of motion with his current machine. He wondered why there were not two separate handles. While some indoor rowing machines do have two handles, they are attached to hydraulics and after 20 minutes, the tension becomes less because the fluid gets hot. In turn, he was inspired to create a machine using a fly wheel attached to a fan blade or a magnet, or a combination of the two, so this would never happen. With a fan blade, the harder you pull, the harder it becomes.

His invention, Versa-Row, provides for a full range of motion with cardio and strength training in one machine. Now you can train one side of the body at a time and work on unbalanced or weaker muscles. The machine enables you to use 86% of your muscles from rowing -- and then use the rest of your muscles by turning your body sideways or perpendicular to the fly wheel. Or you can do face pulls to concentrate on the rear deltoid, which will not only help in aesthetics, but in performance as well. The invention is dual handled and can be used separately or simultaneously. It also helps people with larger midsections get a full range of motion the way the actual exercise was intended.

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