Vent Scent

Vent Scent is the newest way to effectively control and mask odors in a room!

  • Utilizes Scented Permeable Material
  • Emitted through HVAC System
  • Safe and Non-Toxic
  • Distributed Whenever Heating or Cooling System is Active
  • Available in a Variety of Scents


Design Patents #D805,627, #D805,628

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Ernest Green and Ryan McConnell of Annville, PA have created the newest way to effectively control and mask odors in a room!

The battle to keep a room clean and fresh-smelling is an everlasting one. Food, pets, stale odors, poor circulation, tobacco smoke, and more can truly smell up a home, office, or business. The problem with aerosol sprays or room deodorizers is the scent, while overpowering at first, the fragrance quickly diminishes with time. Another problem is that the freshening aroma is not evenly distributed around the room and is only noticeable where it was released. Plus a user must remember to use these deodorizers on a regular basis. In turn, Inventors Green and McConnell created Vent Scent! Now users can introduce new scents and fragrances to a room without the use of electric, batteries, candles, sprays, or anything that might be hazardous to ones health.

This clever new invention uses scented permeable material that attaches to any forced air vent. Fragrance can now be emitted through ones HVAC system. It is distributed whenever a heating or cooling system is active. This method is safe and non-toxic. It is fast acting and provides a freshening system that is not overpowering but still pleasantly noticeable. Various scents are available. For exclusive rights to Vent Scent, act now!


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