Vape Pen Kick Stand

An innovative new holder for when a vape pen is not in use.

  • Holds Pen at An Upward Angle
  • Non-Slip Upper Surface
  • Keeps Vape Pen from Rolling Away
  • Prevents Leakage and Loss of Vape Oil
  • Compatible with Any Vape Pen Make or Model


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Theresa L. Countryman and Floyd F. Countryman, Sr. of Spokane, WA have created an innovative new holder for when a vape pen is not in use.

While spending time with their daughters and stepchildren, Theresa and Floyd would see their vape pens roll off every surface imaginable. Sometimes the pens would then break, or the oil would spill out. When this happens, it not only results in wasted costly oil, but a messy cleanup as well. They thought there had to be a way for vape pens to stay out, instead of always needing to be put away in between smoking. In turn, they were inspired to develop the Vape Pen Kick Stand!

Made with durable nylon plastic, the kick stand is designed to keep oil leakage at bay. A non-slip upper surface prevents the vape pen from slipping off the kick stand, and its folding hinge allows for seamless storage and transport. This accessory is compatible with any vape pen make or model.

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