Valley Roof Bracket

An adjustable roof jack device for use in the valley areas of roofs.

  • V-Shaped Bracket with an Upper Cross-Member Where a Pie-Shaped Platform is Positioned
  • Frame is Temporarily Attached to an Angular Side of a Pitched Roof Via Screws or Nails
  • More Stable Footing
  • Saves Time
  • Increases Safety


Utility Patent - 11,377,862

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Richard Waldron of Parsonsfield, ME has created an adjustable roof jack device for the valley areas of roofs. Now, roofers will be afforded safe access to sections of sloped roof that come together at a perpendicular angle.

A typical day for a roofer involves carrying heavy loads, climbing steep roofs, and enduring high temperatures, all the while working at dangerous elevations above ground. Roofers commonly use roof jacks, consisting of wood planks suspended in straps that are nailed into the sheathing. These jacks provide the roofer with a more level and stable platform and reduce the risk of falling. However, they cannot be used in the valley areas of roofs. In turn, Richard was inspired to develop the Valley Roof Bracket!

The invention is an adjustable V-shaped bracket with an upper cross-member upon which a pie-shaped platform is positioned. The frame is temporarily attached to an angular side of a pitched roof via screws or nails. Now, even when working on a sloped roof, roofers can have a handy platform on which to perform work quickly and safely. This will be a gamechanger for the roofing industry!

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