US Transrail

US TransRail is a system for securing a tractor trailer rig to a railroad flatcar.

  • Tractor Trailer Can Be Driven onto Flatcar
  • Flat Portion for Supporting Tractor Trailer
  • Guided Track for Guiding Wheels Using the Power from the Truck Tractor to Secure The Wheels
  • Economical and Convenient
  • Can Also Be Used with Passenger Vehicles, RV’s, and Motorhomes


Utility Patent #9,371,077, Issued June 21, 2016

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Stanley W. Bird of Cave Creek, AZ has created a system for securing a tractor trailer rig to a railroad flatcar. Not only is this system convenient, its economical!

This clever new invention was created by a retired locomotive engineer of the Omaha Division BNSF RR. Before he became a locomotive engineer, Inventor Bird worked in a railroad car repair shop. He also served a four-year apprenticeship and has a journeyman card as a railroad car inspector and railroad car repair man. Bird retired in 1990 with 40 years experience. Needless to say, he knows railroading!

The US TransRail features a guided track for guiding a tractor trailers wheels so it can actually be driven right onto the flatcar using the power from the truck tractor. A wheel latching mechanism engages the four wheels of the truck tractor, securing it to the flatcar. This concept can also be used with passenger vehicles, RVs, and motorhomes!

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