UFO Lightship

The most epic galactic lightship encounter... spreading love and light for lightyears!

  • - Fun Novelty Item
  • - Beaming Capabilities with Pull String Action
  • - Lights Are Out of this World
  • - Sparks Wonder, Laughter, Imagination
  • - Great Gift Idea


Design Patent - D975,785

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John Raimondi of Casselberry, FL has designed a new novelty light up UFO toy with beam me up abilities!

As an artist with a young son, the imagination can run wild. After working at the scenic shop all day, John would come home and make toys with his son. He would teach him how to be creative and build his own toys with clay, wood, acrylic, etc. They went through a series of UFOs or lightships. Every time John would make one, he would always see a way to make it better. This became repetitive. You start looking at things differently when you are constantly creating.

One day, he noticed a pile of small clear tubes with caps piling up in the studio. It just hit him he knew those would be perfect beams for his UFOs. Once he combined the cap with the lightship, the tube became a tightly snug beam for the ship. Soon he realized a light shining up the tube would be next-level amazing because he already had the pully system working. He ended up ordering some small lights online not knowing if they would work. To his surprise it was like they were made for each other. The light fit perfectly into the bottom of the tubing. Next, was the base. How was he going to hide the light and still be able to turn the light on? He flipped over a small tray and the light worked perfectly. After cutting a hole in the center of the tray, the light was able to be hidden with a small piece of grass and yet it was still functionable. It all worked together magically. Just watching the faces of friends and family made it all worth it. Now the UFO Lightship is ready for market!

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