A weighted stretching and strengthening device for exercise.

  • Safe and Easy to Use
  • Targets Core Areas of the Body While Doing Warm Up Stretches
  • Strengthens those Areas with Repetition
  • Provides for Fully Stretched Muscles & Ligaments and Keeps Joints Lubricated
  • Available in Different Weight Classes


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Charles Reeves of Crawfordville, FL has created a weighted stretching and strengthening device for exercise.

The idea came to him when his oldest daughter was playing high school softball. He had just finished some carpentry work and rolled up a large extension cord. His back and shoulders were a little sore from the work and while holding the rolled up extension cord, he started to swing it around in different directions. All the while, he could feel his muscles and joints begin to stretch and become more relaxed. He thought, What if I added a weight at the opposite side to increase the stretch even more? Also, How could this help a softball players performance?

This clever new invention will offer a safe and easy way to swing an extended weight instead of holding the weight directly in the hands. The device will target core areas of the body while doing warm up stretches and strengthen those areas with repetition. It will provide for fully stretched muscles and ligaments and, of course, keep the joints lubricated. Various weight classes will be available. This would be a great seller in the current sports and exercise market!

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