Twins Earplugs

Your answer to peaceful, quality sleep.

  • Contour-Shaped Synthetic Rubber Fits Comfortably Around the Ear
  • Earplugs Fit Securely in the Ear Opening
  • Blocks Out Unwanted Noise Like Snoring
  • Built-In Alarm and Time Regulator
  • Device Can Be Controlled Via Phone App


Utility Patent - 9,602,906

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Diaetta H. Manning of West Columbia, SC has developed earplugs made especially for users sharing the room with a snorer, so they can still enjoy uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

Dealing with a snorer is always frustrating and usually results in a lot of lost sleep. Different types of devices can be used to block out snoring, but Diaetta found that nothing worked properly. After years of dealing with her husband's snoring problem, Diaetta was inspired to create the Twins Earplugs!

The invention consists of a contour-shaped synthetic rubber that is designed to fit comfortably around the ear. The earplugs are attached to a support guard. This allows them to fit securely in the ear opening. Once in place, the earplugs will help to block out the unwanted noise of a snorer. An extension ensures a proper fit. The earplugs also have a built-in alarm system that can be regulated by both remote regulator or mobile device alarm, if desired. The alarm for the mobile device can only be created if the app is downloaded by the user.

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