Tuxedo Jack Table

An efficient and affordable way to grow plants from the comfort of your home.

  • For Dirt Grown Plants and Hydroponic Plants
  • Can Also be Used as a Waterfall/Pond with Fish
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to Transport
  • Various Sizes Possible


Design Patent #D906,164

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Conrad Simard of Alberta, Canada has developed an efficient and affordable way to grow plants from the comfort of your home!

The idea was born after his older brother asked him to build a table for indoor gardening. He wasnt happy with the table he was using. After reviewing a picture, it did not look very safe or efficient to Conrad either. He knew he could improve the design. In turn, he created the Tuxedo Jack Table!

Once assembled and adjusted to your liking, the invention can be used with dirt-grown or hydroponic plants. The table is also multipurpose. If you would rather not garden, it can be used as a waterfall pond. Simply relax and enjoy the soothing sounds while fish swim around inside. If needed, the table can be disassembled for easy transport. Various sizes are possible.

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