Tuck and Go

If you HATE making your bed, this is the solution for you!

  • Design Guidelines
  • Markings Denote the Ideal Placement for Bed Making
  • Adjusted According to Mattress Size
  • Quick and Efficient
  • Great for Use at Home, at Hotels/Motels, Hospitals, the Military, and More


Design Patent - D1,021,470

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Catherine Mulcahy of Imperial Beach, CA has designed a new printed bedsheet that takes all the work out of making the bed evenly!

The inspiration was born from hating to make her bed and the need to make the sides of the bedsheets lay evenly off the bed before she could do the first tuck. This was in the early 1990s. Catherine explained the design to her parents, who could visualize concepts, and they loved the idea, as did her sister. They truly felt she was onto something brilliant. Later, as Catherine approached her 60th birthday, having lost her parents and sister prior, she felt like it was her now or never moment to continue with this design idea. Now, Tuck and Go has been further developed and is ready for market!

Simply take a Tuck and Go bedsheet and place it on top of the fitted bottom sheet. The self-guided patterns on the top sheet mark the indicated spots for lining up the bedsheet for even distribution on each side of the bed. Bed makers can Tuck the bedsheet and Go onto their next project at hand. How easy! No longer will one have to walk back-and-forth to make sure the sheets are even. Not only is Tuck and Go great for everyday household use, it is perfect for children learning to make a bed and a must-have for hospitals, housekeeping, and even the military!

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  1. Steve Henderson

    Very interesting . I want to hear more about it

  2. Catherine Mulcahy

    Mr Henderson, thank you for your interest of my patent pending product! My apologies in your not receiving a response prior to this! That will be cleared up to be sure.

    My vision of Tuck and Go is to revolutionize the dread of changing bedsheets. With a clean set of sheets and the assistance of a design guideline, you should be able to make that in half the time, giving you efficiency and a darn good looking bed that’s inviting for relaxation! They’re not manufactured at this time. We are still hoping to find the right fit ????! If you or Antone you know is interested, please have them contact my team at forsalebyinventor.com

    Again, your interest is most valued and appreciated!

    Best regards,
    Inventor, Catherine M Mulcahy

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