Tsunami Emergency Evacuation Suit

A self-rescue device for use during a tsunami or other water-based disaster.

  • Can be Kept Ready to Go
  • Balloon Design Allows for Transport Out of Disaster Area by Air
  • Equipped With a Rescue Beacon and Radio for Communication
  • Also Includes a Flashlight and Paddle-Like Gloves
  • Helium Release Valve for Controlled Descent
  • Built-In Parachute Ensures Safe Landing
  • Integral Life Vest for Flotation If Needed


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Brian Keen of Coos Bay, OR has created a self-rescue device for use during a tsunami or other water-based disaster.

In response to the devastating impacts of tsunamis and similar disasters, Brian developed the Tsunami Emergency Evacuation Suit, a life-saving tool designed for self-rescue in tsunamis and similar crises. This invention addresses the urgent need for rapid evacuation, providing a vital solution for those trapped in disaster-stricken areas, ensuring quicker, safer escapes from the wrath of water-based catastrophes.

But how does it work? This innovative new self-rescue device features a harness connected to a helium-filled balloon that lifts you away from raging torrents of water during a tsunami. It is equipped with a rescue beacon, radio for communication, flashlight, paddle-like gloves for direction, and a helium release valve for controlled descent. In the event of a balloon failure, a built-in parachute ensures safe landing. And should you land in water, an integral life vest provides flotation. Stored in a safe weatherproof container or building, this innovative suit is ready for immediate use upon hearing a tsunami siren or alert.

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