Truemark Tools

EMT conduit can now be accurately and evenly marked to allow for easy and proper bending.

  • Notched Axis for Marking Pipe
  • Degree Marks for Complicated Bends
  • Consistent Results
  • Cleaner Finished Product
  • Lifetime Durability


Utility Patent #10,800,027

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Lachlan Christiansen of Haiku, HI has created an innovative new conduit marking tool. Now EMT conduit can be accurately and evenly marked for easy and proper bending.

As an electrician, Christiansen has bent a lot of EMT (electrical metallic tubing). One of the most challenging parts of the task is not dog legging the pipe. This kind of mistake is unattractive and typically unusable. It is also a waste of time, material, and money. While working in the field, Christiansen had multiple side-by-side offsets to bend and began thinking of a more effective way to go about it, besides simply eyeballing it. This led to the development of Truemark Tools!

The invention is used once measurements are taken and youve marked your take ups and offset distances. The pipe is placed on the ground and two block-like devices are slid into position where the bends will be. Youll then tighten the set screws and mark your first bend. Once the first mark is made, loosen the device you wish to move. Slide the device into position, tighten, and make your next mark. The other device is left tight, so you dont lose your point of axis. There will now be a minimum of 4 perfectly perpendicular notches to create your axis to mark. While most benders have a center line or arrow already built in, the back of the invention will be flat with degree markers for more complicated bends. The invention provides for consistent results and a cleaner finished product.

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