True Linz

A batter board system with a mechanically adjustable string suspension system.

  • Allows for Easily Adjustable and High Accuracy Placement of Guide Strings
  • Efficient and Precise
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Eliminates Frustration
  • Produces A Higher Quality Job


Utility Patent - 11,873,653

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Aaron Junnikkala of Kelso, WA has created an adjustable batter board that uses a system of clamps, hooks, and position adjusters to make setting up your grid more efficient and precise!

With over twenty years in the construction industry, Aaron knew how frustrating it can be using standard batter boards to lay out a variety of projects quickly. It takes several tries to lay out the grid so that it is square. This process usually leaves many marks and/or nails in the 2x4. Also, when you finally do get the proper alignment, they must be removed and refastened multiple times for various reasons. It gets confusing as to which marks and/or which nail to reattach to the string line. This can cause it to be out of square, which causes problems with the finished product. It also costs valuable time to reset and recheck the alignment. Aaron just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he developed True Linz!

The invention is a batter board system with a mechanically adjustable string suspension system. Clamps quickly and easily attach the adjustable batter board to a horizontal crosspiece, and the guide strings are tied to the hooks. Use the position adjuster to get your strings perfectly aligned, then lock them into place. That's all it takes to get started on any of your construction needs.

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