Triple Trailer Tool

The Triple Trailer Tool is a bar handle used to assist in opening tractor trailer doors and more.

  • Multi-Purpose Hand Tool for Truckers
  • Slides Over the Trailer Door Handle
  • Gives Leverage to the Driver on Hard to Open Doors
  • Loosens Stubborn Trailer Handles or Any Other Application Requiring a Hammer
  • Easy to Manufacture


Design Patent #D869,257; Utility Patent #10,843,322

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Danny L. Williams and Loretta B. Williams of Lincoln, AL have created a bar handle used to assist in opening tractor trailer doors and more.

There are countless tractor trailer trucks that crisscross our country every day. These trucks receive almost daily constant use, and like any mechanical device, become worn over time. Wear can affect door locking mechanisms, king pin release handles, and jack operating levers. Often times all that is needed is just an additional amount of force or leverage to overcome friction. This forces the operator to grab anything at hand to force such mechanisms, often resulting in damage to the mechanism and perhaps even injury to oneself. Danny and Loretta knew there had to be a better way. In turn, they created the 3 in 1 Tool!

Danny used to struggle with closing tractor trailer doors which led to back problems. However, now, this clever new multi-purpose tool will slide over the trailer door handle. It will give leverage to the driver on hard-to-open doors. It will also loosen stubborn trailer handles or any other application requiring a hammer. The tool is easy to manufacture.

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